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Please join us on October 7-8, 2017!


Created by artist Leslee Hare, one of our newest residents, who just moved to Pine Lake from Florida last month!

Now going into its 17th year, this quirky festival by the lake has become a unique destination: a festival where kids & dogs are welcomed, where comfy Conversation Coves offer a break to the weary, where 40+ artists mix it up with 12+ bands, and food & drink are abundant.

Organized by a volunteer cadre of 30+ Pine Lake residents and their neighbors, LakeFest is a program of Pine Lake City Arts, Inc, registered as a nonprofit in GA, an entity entirely separate from the City of Pine Lake.


Please note:


Sponsorships are now closed for 2017, and we are VERY GRATEFUL to this year’s Sponsors.

Application period for Artist, Health/Wellness, and Food vendors is now closed and will re-open in 2018. Thank you for your interest!

Lakefest music has been booked for 2017! We will open the 2018 booking in March of next year. Please send music info to:


Check back for updates!!

 In the meantime, enjoy a little flash mob action from last year!


 And a few other lovely memorable moments!


Community Art Project 2016


Photos by LakeFest friends, used with permission



  • The Pine Lake Community is warm and inviting and they really know how to throw a party! They offered something for everyone…adults and kids!
  • This is Goldilocks’ favorite Festival. Not too big and not too small – it’s just right!!
  • The Pine Lake LakeFest just keeps getting better & better every year. Can’t wait to see what next year has to offer!
  • Music, arts & crafts, a beach full of sand, beautiful homemade crafts and food, where else can you go and have this much fun for the whole family and not feel overwhelmed. Most festivals you go to you can only sit at a restaurant, because of the venue, the space allows for seating, and enjoying a variety of food and sights.
  • To quote a little boy I overheard “I love Pine Lake. I love LakeFest.” It brought out the best in our little community. I have no idea why people were sitting at home this weekend when they could have been hanging out with us.